• Bloom #15
  • Bloom #15
  • Bloom #15
  • Bloom #15
  • Bloom #15
  • Bloom #15

Bloom #15

Bloom is an independent print magazine for gardeners, plant admirers, nature lovers and outdoor adventurers.

В този брой:

Issue 15 is full of things to do, stories from nature and an unbounded enthusiasm for this wonderful planet we call home.

In this issue, you’ll find:

* How to grow foliage for the garden and vase
* Planting hanging baskets with style
* Rain-saving strategies
* Ferns for inside and out
* Choosing a tree with staying power
* Regenerative gardening: an explai
* Going nuts for foraging
* A year full of bulbs
* How football is going green
* Bloom asks: are national parks failing nature?
* Herbal healing for the community
* Designing a zero-waste garden
* Death: the missing link in the circle of life
* Barbara Hepworth and Yorkshire
* Breaking rules in the garden
* Houseplant care tips
* Top ten nature podcasts
* And much much more!

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