• Archivio #8

Archivio #8

ARCHIVIO is a magazine conceived and published by Promemoria Group. A unique object that aspires to bring to light unpublished fragments and extraordinary stories about archives, giving voice to the materials and the professionals who work there. The ambition is to show their passion, make us reflect and offer new perspectives on the idea and practice of memory.

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The Sixties Issue N°8

Guido Crepax and Sabrina Ragucci, Folco Quilici, Dacia Maraini and Pino Tovaglia, amongst others, walk us through this issue of ARCHIVIO on our journey backwards through the XX century. A focus on the 1960s, between hope for a new world and lightheartedness promises, this is the last chapter of the second series of ARCHIVIO directed by Valerio Millefoglie.

Произход: Италия

Език: Английски

Страници: 17

Размер: 21 x 26 cm