• Little White Lies #100 Anniversary Issue

Little White Lies #100 Anniversary Issue

Little White Lies magazine is the leading independent voice in film, combining cutting-edge design, illustration and journalism to champion great movies and the people who make them.

Party hats and streamers at the ready as we celebrate our bumper birthday edition – with four stunning covers up for grabs.

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In this issue:

Essay 1: The Ghosts of Cinema Future
Charles Bramesco is worried that our streaming overlords are dropping the ball and suggests a clever course correction.

In the Beginning…
Thirty-nine great filmmakers from around the globe talk exclusively to LWLies about the impulse that led them down the rabbit hole of cinema. Includes new interviews with Wes Anderson, Lulu Wang, Mark Jenkin, Alice Rohrwacher, Davy Chou, Isabel Sandoval, Pedro Almodóvar and Christian Petzold.

Essay 2: The Ghosts of Cinema Present
Hannah Strong reflects on the state of the multiplex and ponders whether the cinemagoing experience will ever be the same again.

Perfect 10s
Summing up the cinema of LWLies’ lifetime (2005 to present) the only way we know how: with a load of irreverent top 10 lists.

Essay 3: The Ghosts of Cinema Past
Christina Newland opens her heart for a personal exploration into what it means to cherish old movies.

Print Matters
A visual journey through the LWLies publishing archives to demonstrate how the magazine has evolved over the years.

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