• Little White Lies #97
  • Little White Lies #97
  • Little White Lies #97

Little White Lies #97

Little White Lies magazine is the leading independent voice in film, combining cutting-edge design, illustration and journalism to champion great movies and the people who make them.

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In this issue:

In this issue

Lead review: All the Beauty and the Bloodshed

Marina Ashioti lauds this extraordinary profile feature that explores the intersections between art and activism.

For Shame: A Conversation with Laura Poitras

Sophie Monks Kaufman interviews the filmmaker on her intimate collaboration with protagonist, Nan Goldin.

You Are Entering a World of PAIN

Activist Megan Kapler on the vital work she undertakes for Nan Goldin’s advocacy organisation, PAIN.

The Art of Dissent: A Conversation with Nan Goldin

Sophie Monks Kaufman meets the legendary photographer, activist and subject of All the Beauty and the Bloodshed.

Journey to the End of the Night

Hannah Strong reports from Stockholm on an innovative and immersive new exhibition of Nan Goldin’s slideshows.

The Cinematic Circle

Juan Barquin offers up a programming proposal for a Nan Goldin-inspired film festival series.

Night Walking

Anna Bogutskaya talks to Bette Gordon about the making of her Hitchcockian 1983 cult classic, Variety.

Alice Through the Looking Glass

Leila Latif celebrates the films of French director Alice Diop, particularly her stunning new drama, Saint Omer.

(Experience My) Transcendent Despair

Charles Bramesco teases out the intricacies of depicting activism on screen with the makers of the brilliant new film, How to Blow Up a Pipeline.

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