• Little White Lies #98
  • Little White Lies #98
  • Little White Lies #98

Little White Lies #98

Little White Lies magazine is the leading independent voice in film, combining cutting-edge design, illustration and journalism to champion great movies and the people who make them.

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Lead Review: Polite Society
Fatima Sheriff writes in praise of Nida Manzoor’s exuberant feature debut.

The Big Boss
Soma Ghosh in conversation with writer/director Nida Manzoor on fighting, feminism and generational schisms.

Make ’Em Laugh
A brief history of filmmakers who have made sitcoms (and sitcom makers who have directed films).

Fist of Fury
Hannah Strong meets Polite Society’s feisty lead, Priya Kansara, to talk the epic prep required to play a teen stuntwoman-in-the-making.

Way of the Dragon
David Jenkins chats to Ritu Arya about her eclectic career path and forging bonds with the cast and crew of Polite Society.

Throwing Punches
Anna Bogutskaya meets Shaina West, a social media sensation and movie stuntwoman on the cusp of superstardom.

Pitch Perfect
Three essays looking back at the Brit-Asian sensation, Bend it Like Beckham, on the occasion of its 20th birthday.

The Walking of Peckham 123
Rōgan Graham takes a stroll around the haunts of Peckham and Brixton with Rye Lane director, Raine Allen-Miller.

On the Wall
A confessional dossier in which a host of LWLies writers tell us about how they decorated their teenage bedroom walls.

Mia Goth
Marina Ashioti talks to one of the most exciting and intense actors on the scene about her everything-on-the-table turns in Infinity Pool and Pearl.

Léa Mysius
Emily Maskell meets the director of olfactory wonder, The Five Devils, who reflects on making a film about potions, memory and the sense of smell.

Hlynur Pálmason
David Jenkins speaks to the Icelandic director of the ethnographic epic, Godland, on creating his own myths and how to properly record birdsong.

Albert Serra
The loquacious Spanish maestro speaks to Caitlin Quinlan and picks apart the process of his breakthrough feature of political malaise in the South Seas, Pacifiction.

Davy Chou
The writer/director of the magical Return to Seoul speaks to Hannah Strong about how the truth is stranger than fiction.

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