• Wonderland Summer 2023
  • Wonderland Summer 2023

Wonderland Summer 2023

Wonderland is an international, independently published magazine offering a unique perspective on the best new and established talent across all popular culture: fashion, film, music and art.

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In this issue:
“As an artist, you deal with criticism. Someone might
have something to say about Kay, or about me. We’re
not Beyoncé or Drake, we don’t have every fan in the
world. We’ve got to prove just how fucking good we
are. I wanted to out-rap every rapper with this album.
I just wanted to prove to people that this is the one,
it’s that shit.”

Covering our Summer 2023 issue is the year’s most
anticipated collaborative duo. Fresh from releasing
the album of the summer, KAYTRAMINÈ delve deep
into the origins of their friendship, a shared addiction
for new ideas, coincidental Snoop Dogg link ups, and
proving just how good they are on their self-titled debut. 
“What impacts me the most is when I see the reactions
of the babies – that's what makes me cry. And even
thinking about it makes me cry, because I think back
to when I was younger and if I were to have that
[representation] what that would have done for me
and changed for me. [Holds back tears] In terms of
my confidence and my self worth it means so much to
be able to see someone who looks like you in these huge
roles. For a lot of people who've had that [representation]
all their lives, it seems normal. But for us, it is monumental.”

Covering our Summer 2023 issue, The Little Mermaid’s
Halle Bailey talks to co-star Jonah Hauer King about
the journey from the audition room to the big screen,
and the profound impact the live-action remake is
having in challenging the industry’s standards on representation.

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