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Dazed Summer 24

Dazed is a bi-monthly British style magazine founded in 1991. It covers music, fashion, film, art, and literature.

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Our first Summer 2024 cover - A quadruple threat at this summer’s Olympics, Noah Lyles – aka the world’s fastest man – lives a life defined by a series of dizzying digits. A six-time world champion, a 2020 Tokyo Olympic 200m bronze medallist, and a sprinter who has top speeds of up to 37km per hour.⁠

A field of his own. When he scored a screamer against derby rivals Liverpool, Man Utd midfielder Kobbie crystallised much of the excitement that’s been swirling around this prodigious young talent since early this season. Now, with a shot at Euros glory before he’s even turned 20, he reveals his determination to keep his head above the hype and help bring his boyhood club back to its former glories.⁠

Our third cover features Beatrice Maria Vio Grandis chatting all about the Paris Olympics, the non-profit art4sport ONLUS and the Bebe Vio Academy and that together we can do anything.⁠ Now, 64 medals and 27 broken prostheses later, she’s an unstoppable force changing the conversation on disability in sport.

Tyla: ‘I always want to be authentic to myself’ Breaking on to the world stage with her TikTok smash turned terrace anthem ‘Water’, Tyla is the amapiano superstar confirming the African continent as the new centre of the pop universe

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