• Dazed Summer 23
  • Dazed Summer 23
  • Dazed Summer 23
  • Dazed Summer 23
  • Dazed Summer 23

Dazed Summer 23

Dazed is a bi-monthly British style magazine founded in 1991. It covers music, fashion, film, art, and literature.

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First of our Dazed Summer 2023 cover is Chain reaction Dua Lipa’s touched on pop perfection with mega hits tooled with laser precision. Now, she’s teaming with Versace on a new fashion line, bonding with fans over books Service95, her style, art and society platform, and making a splash on screen in Barbie, this summer’s wildest blockbuster reimagining. Wanna go for a ride?

Gracing our second cover is “Stormzy a Briton that represents the best of the country today,” says editor-in-chief IB Kamara for the HOMEGROWN issue cover star. Stormzy grew up in Croydon with two worlds inside of him: one, in ends with local MCs like Charmz under the haze of the new millennium, and two, the Ghanaian home his parents left behind to come to the UK. Back in the studio working on new music in the run-up to his 30th birthday, he reflects on his part in a cross-generational, globe-spanning story that's got the world on fire.

Take a leap of faith for the third cover of our summer 2023 HOMEGROWN issue, shot by Gabriel Moses and styled by Imruh Asha.

Drill superstar Digga D life has been branded too violent to rap about by the British establishment, a ruling that speaks to the ways in which Black music has been criminalised for centuries. He is one of the first artists to be assigned a criminal behaviour order that limits who he associates with, where he goes and what he says in his music. But without the means to make his voice heard, who would he be today?

Произход: Великобритания

Език: Английски


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