• Konfekt #10

Konfekt #10

Konfekt is a sharp, elegant and well-turned-out new magazine from the creators of Monocle. Edited between Zürich and London, and printed in Germany, it is a sumptuous quarterly publication covering fashion, travel, design, drinking, dining and culture in both English and German.

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This issue of Konfekt celebrates the promise of spring, with bracing hikes, adventurous road trips and long dinners filled with sparkling discussion and searching debate. We’ll picnic on the cliffs of northern Corsica, journey along Slovenia’s coastline and check in to a new hotel in the heritage-rich village of Lefkara in Cyprus. Plus: chic looks, inspiring interiors and piquant Indonesian recipes.

Произход: Великобритания

Език: Английски

Страници: 206

Размер: 30 × 23 cm

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